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Ferrwood Music Camp

Yaniery Diaz is the first Annual Ferrwood Logo contest winner. She is instructed by Anne Flowers at the HASD Arts and Humanities Center.

2024 Ferrwood Music Camp Dates:

Week One: July 7th

Week Two: July 14th

Ferrwood Music Camp is located in the Valley of Drums PA. It is a two-week camp dedicated to providing a quality music program that is affordable and family-friendly. The founder of our camp, Father Joseph Ferrara, passed away in December of 2004; however, his vision of providing a quality music program lives on. Those of us lucky enough to have studied under this amazing individual can remember him saying, “If you become a great musician, that is a bonus, I’m here to make you a good person” Father Joe knew that the serious study of music produces individuals who are focused, creative and have the ability to work collaboratively.

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